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Personal Loan


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Point Finance is one of the fastest growing lending solution experts in Australia. You can seek our assistance for home loans, car loans, business loans and personal loans. Our extensive reach, efficient customer service and flexible financial plans ensure that more and more people can benefit from our services rather than few select classes.


Even if you are unsure about the type of loan you need, you can contact us to explain your situation to our operators, who will suggest you suitable options with explanation of their details. Our customers’ testimonials support our claims and establish our efficiency.

Point Finance is the Business Expert You Need

Personal loan requirements can arise anytime and one should consider the most reliable lender during this time. Loans are not only required for huge investments like buying property, starting business and purchasing car. There are times when you find yourself helpless due to shortage of small amount that could have made the difference for you. We understand what situations can pose such grief and can assist you with our personal loan services. Personal loans can be needed for various purposes and a simple holiday tour can be it too. So, whatever the situation is, you need not to compromise with your desire or let that ‘too good to be true’ opportunity to own something go by. With the help Point Finance, you can sure that there is sufficient financial backup for you anytime of the year.
Personal loans are so called because terms are slightly different for them. Personal loans encompass broader applicability, unlike business loans, car loans, home loans, etc. Personal loans can be taken for education, day to day expenses, medical treatment, home or office renovation, holiday, planning a wedding, consolidation of debts into single regular repayment and many more. However, it is not that personal loans can be borrowed only for urgent and important need. We offer personal loan to you to let you make your wedding dream-come-true and memorable. A perfect holiday is anyone’s right and so are cosmetic enhancement, financial investment or ownership of car, motorcycle and boat.

Point Finance Personal Loan features

We can help you to find out how much you can borrow in personal loan and choose an appropriate term for repayment, which can be done over a maximum period of 84 months, i.e., 7 years. Point Finance wants to make things easy for you. We are committed to provide not only various types of financial assistance but also simplify the procedure of attainment of the same. We facilitate transfers over the phone to relieve you of the hassle of visiting ay of our branch offices. We email the documents to you and transfer the funds into your account. Besides, lack of upfront fees makes us attractive. You can visit us and proceed to sign a deal without concern for heavy or considerable upfront payment. In addition to that, you can seek our assistance without a second thought for you budget because we have extensive options of financial assistance to suit various budgets.

How to apply Personal Loan through Point Finance


Fill out the Quick Contact Form online or give us a call on +61 3 9394 6351 and we will discuss your needs.


Our personal loan expert will give you advice based on your financial circumstances.


We will apply your personal loan from one of the financial institution at affordable interest rate.


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