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Car Loan

At Point Finance, we value your time as much as you money. You can compare Australian car loan options with the help of our efficient expert’s help and get comparative quotes. We have the most comprehensive options of low documentation car loans. The process of application and pre-approval is simple and quick too. If you have sorted out budget for buying car, you can apply online and get pre-approval in 15 minutes. In case of any confusion and uncertainty, you can feel free to contact us and consult about your situation to your content. We do not see our customers as means of earning profit but as partners to whom we are obliged to provide satisfactory service.

Point Finance is the Business Expert You Need

In today’s world cars have become one of the most important necessities for people. Buying a car is always a pleasurable and memorable experience. However, the statement is equally applicable even if said sarcastically. Paying to buy a new or a used car at once or in instalment is not possible for many. People who take loans find themselves trapped in the spiral of paying interest and principle. But Point Finance can make the process smooth and simple for you. We provide dedicated car loan expert services in Victoria.

How to apply Car Loan through Point Finance


Fill out the Quick Contact Form online or give us a call on +61 3 9394 6351 and we will discuss your needs.


Our Car loan expert will give you advice based on your financial circumstances.


We will apply your car loan from one of the financial institution at affordable rate.


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How Point Finance helps you get car loan?

Point Finance is a lending solution expert firm that provides consultation and brokerage services to its customers and clients. We are not a subsidy of any bank but assist you to get your deal struck without much ado. Car loan services are integral and highly active section of our provision. We have extensive network off financial agents and brokers and have access to resources that are not easily available for regular people in Melbourne. We utilise our network and exploit the resources at our disposal to assist to get car loans quickly and easily. Our consultants, agents and brokers will be with you throughout the process.

Professional Advice & Personal Consultation

Financial stability is one of the key factors of mental peace and social well being. However, people falling into traps of various financial gimmicks and ruining their life is not uncommon today. We can prevent you from any such situation. We understand the significance of a car but our expert consultants will draw your attention to the issue from different perspective so that you have a clear idea how things can turn out to you. Whether you need a car for personal use, commercial use or to start a rental business, right professional advice of our personal consultants can save you from unnecessary hassle.


Secured Car loan

Our Secured Car Loan is competitive because we use your car as security. You can drive away with your new car sooner than you think. Beep beep!

Lower interest rate
Get a lower interest rate than most personal loans by using the car as security.
Approval in 3 hours
Know you’ve been approved normally with in 3 hours.
Lower interest rate
Our fixed rate makes budgeting easy – there will be no changes to your repayments during the term of the of the loan.

Unsercured Car loans

With the option of a competitive variable rate, you can tailor your loan to suit your situation, leaving you more room to move.

Variable Loan
  • Ability to pay off your loan faster and save on interest costs


  • Ability to redraw on additional loan repayments you have made if the need arose.
  • Pay off your loan faster if interest rates go down
Fixed Loan
  • Offers you the certainty of knowing what your repayments are for the fixed period
  • Assists with budget management
  • Minimum loan amount: $5,000
  • No maximum loan amount set
  • Loan term: From 1 to 7 years (your choice)